Soul liberation session application

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel guilty when you take vacation from work
  • You hesitate to use your sick time even though you're running a fever or just need time for yourself
  • You feel certain dread in the days before returning to work after the weekend (or vacation)
  • You earned a fancy title and a make good salary but it's starting to feel pointless
  • You show up late and leave early and punish yourself for it
  • You think something is wrong with you because you're not as happy as your coworkers seem
  • You use affirmations to convince yourself that you should be happy (and it doesn't work)
  • You feel like you're married to your job and it's become a toxic relationship

I've Been There

For two years, I was feeling all of that and more. In 2015, I finally broke free from the chains that bound me to my career. I created space for my soul to blossom and today I'm living a life in alignment with my values, my priorities, and my purpose.

The Good News

You can liberate your soul, too! The one thing that grounded me during my process was having someone walking alongside me. It wasn't a therapist, but a life coach that supported me and believed in me as I got steady walking through life on my terms.

Let's Get Started

Apply for my 45-minute Soul Liberation Session today. Once you submit this form, my online scheduler will appear and you can pick the day and time that works best for you.


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